Quikscan Asito

About Asito

Asito is as part of the ADG service group, one of the largest cleaning companies in Netherlands. With 10,000 professionals, Asito provides facility services to thousands of organizations. From office to school and from hotel to hospital, Asito takes you everywhere.

Local offices

With 50 branches, they can respond flexibly to local conditions and the needs of the clients. The sites operate in five regular regions, two medical regions specializing in healthcare, and a transport region focusing on transport and their environment. This network of offices combines the continuity of a strong, national company with the flexibility of real local entrepreneurship.


Sustainability is in the genes of Asito and their people. In the area of social sustainability, Asito takes the lead. In 2009, after the failure of the Copenhagen climate summit, Asito was the first cleaning company who operate 100% carbon neutral. In 2010 Asito launching its sustainability project 1,000,000 drops.

The challenge

Asito is engaged in the realization of a customer's document archive system based on SharePoint. The platform will initially only be accessed by internal users but will eventually, directly or indirectly, be accessible by customers. The question of Asito was to make a QuickScan of their SharePoint environment to see which areas needed to be changed, both infrastructueel, functional and technical.

The solution

After running through the QuickScan, ShareTwo presented the findings to Asito and they are also made after consultation by both Asito as ShareTwo. The right structure is adapted so that it also works separately in the test and acceptance area. Additionally ShareTwo has written several scripts for the installation on the testing and acceptance environment and there is a backup plan prepared.

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