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About CAK

CAK is the customer-oriented public service that represents the careful implementation of government schemes and proactive communication with citizens.

One of the tasks is to identify and collect the contributions to the Social Support Act (WMO) and the long-term care (WLz) Act. It also collects the parental contribution CAK juvenile law commissioned by the Dutch municipalities. CAK is also responsible for financing Welzinstellingen and legalizing Schengen Statements for people who travel with medication.

These statutory duties performs CAK for the Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). Approximately 900 employees work at the CAK.

The challenge

When CAK takes much communication takes place on the one hand with business partners and the Ministry of Health and chain parties as municipalities and providers, on the other hand with the customers of the CAK.

Online Media Specialist CAK: "To do externally good information, it is important internally to have the right information available. The intranet of course plays an important role. Our old intranet, however, no longer met the requirements of the time, so employees could not find information and the intranet was slow. The result is that our employees avoid the intranet."

The wish was to make the intranet into a platform for two-way communication and information sharing will facilitate broad. In addition, the new intranet should be the digital workplace for all employees of the CAK, whereby regardless of location (inside or outside the office), device (device) or time can work.

The main requirement for the new intranet was a platform that is quickly accessible and where all employees can work. CAK was already using SharePoint and the desire was also to accommodate the intranet in SharePoint. "For the choice of SharePoint, we looked to the future. SharePoint allows us to work together to facilitate, including version control, scheduling and document management."

The solution

For the CAK is a completely new intranet realized in SharePoint. Has opted for an Agile project approach to quickly and flexibly develop the desired solution. The CAK had to do with a tight deadline, so the challenge was to realize many functions in a short time.

The intranet is in the CAK central, the workplace for all employees. Each employee has a personal profile in which the expertise and responsibilities are listed. On this basis, relevant knowledge and information will be found quickly. The interaction within the intranet also ensures that employees actually feel connected.

By the Agile approach, we were able to realize the intranet in a quick manner that meets the needs of this times.

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