About Obvion

Obvion is a Dutch company providing mortgage loans through brokers and with 180,000 customers and a market share of over 7 percent it belongs to the five largest mortgage lenders in the Netherlands. The company has its registered office in Eindhoven, but the head office is in Heerlen.

Obvion was founded in 2002 as a joint venture of Rabobank Group and ABP Pension Fund. Beide bedrijven waren eigenaar van Obvion, Rabobank voor 70% en ABP voor 30%. Obvion since March 2012 fully owned by Rabobank (350 employees).

The challenge

The challenge for ShareTwo was a guiding and advisory role in SharePoint / Office365. Within the company, knowledge of SharePoint / Office365 was insufficient and they were looking for someone who could guide and advise them in this.

The solution

One of our SharePoint experts deployed in the role of projectleader. He advised the people of Obvion and controlled so that SharePoint / Office365 get put in the right way.

Our SharePoint specialist managed the organization to management level and advised on strategic IT issues related to SharePoint; Governance, Roadmap and vision, integration and knowledge management.

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